Shipping & Information


VAT and Company Info:


4x4 Factory (pty) LTD is a registered company in South Africa #2021/4452261/07 / VAT# 4470303845


Our Company is is registered with the address indicated on our Invoices, but since we are an ONLINE ONLY store, we do not physically operate from this address.

Currently all orders are processed and shipped from Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.


Shipping Information:

General Information:

We at 4x4 Factory truly appreciate all of your support. We are still a small business and continue to grow daily with your support!

We strive to get your new awesome lights and accessories to your doorstep as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We mainly make use of The Courier Guy's Services, this is due to a continued good service that we have experienced from them. On some occasions we will however make use of Postnet or Other Couriers if the need arises.

At this stage we are an ONLINE-ONLY store, and we operate from Knysna, Western Cape.

This means we do not offer pickup at this stage, and it also means we are in a "Outlying Area" and adds 1 day to shipping times. 

In the near future we really hope that we can move to a fixed retail space in a major city, and we are aiming to get this done sooner rather than later. 

With Items on the website you will notice either IN STOCK or BACKORDER displayed. There's also an indication of current stock levels above the IN STOCK / BACKORDER button. 

Stock levels are accurate on the website


In-Stock Items:

Items that display IN STOCK means we have this physical item on our shelve and ready to ship out. The actual stock level is displayed right above this next to the price, look for : "1 available" with the quantity next to it

Please check this regularly if you are planning to order something, our stock levels change daily and can be in stock now, and on backorder 10min later.

Items that are IN STOCK will be shipped out within 1 day, once we receive a payment. 

If you are in a Major Area you can expect your parcel the 1-2 Days from shipping. (if we ship Tuesday you should receive it Wednesday/Thursday)

If you are in an Outlying Area or in Northern Parts of SA (Gauteng/Limpopo/NW/KZN/MP) expect 2-4 days.

Shipping Times are unfortunately beyond our control and is then managed by the courier company. We will try to assist where we can, but normally if there's an issue in transit it's best to follow up with the Courier Service directly.

Once we ship your parcel you will receive an email with your tracking information.


Backordered Items:

For BACKORDER items please allow for an ESTIMATED 2 weeks for items to get imported and delivered to you. 

This will be from the date we receive your payment, and not from when you place the order. (if you pay immediately then this is the same date)

Items will then be Imported (mainly from Australia) and currently we use DHL for this service. There can be shipping delays beyond our control, for example COVID, but if that is the case we will inform you. 

In some vary rare cases it might happen that the Manufacturer (Stedi or Teralume) might also be out of stock on an Item that was backordered, this will normally only cause a 1 week delay, and we will also inform you if this is the case. This has happened vary rarely and is normally not the case.

Once the item arrives in SA we will then ship it to you via our regular courier service.

Once we ship your parcel you will receive an email with your tracking information.


BACKORDERED STOCK WILL NOT BE CHANGED ONCE ORDERED. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT ITEMS YOU REQUIRE. If an item is specifically ordered for you, we can not echange that item for something else since we will have no purpose for that item. If this is a normal "quick selling" item then we can review case by case, but special Items will not be changed out.

Normal in stock Items will carry a 10% handling fee to exchange, IF the item and all of it's packaging and components are 100% in new condition. If the item was special backordered for you then the above applies. In rare cases if the backordered item is a fast moving stock item we can exchange it with above conditions, but with a 20% handling fee.

The customer will also be required to courier the item back to us for inspection before the exchange will be processed.


Please take the bulb out of your vehicle and check what bulb it is. Don't just assume that s specific vehicle uses a specific bulb based on information, check the bulb. We will NOT exchange bulbs that was ordered incorrectly because it wasn't checked beforehand. These bulbs are designed as a DIY install, so if the task of removing the bulbs are not for you, then most likely you will not be able to install the replacement bulbs. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can always take your vehicle to your nearest favorite workshop and they would be able to assist you in physically checking what bulbs are in your vehicle.

International Orders:

This mainly applies to neighboring countries to South Africa.

As a general rule of thumb, we do not currently offer shipping to international clients, however, we have exceptions..

We handle international orders in the same way we offer South African orders.

International clients will need to arrange their own shipping from South Africa. We will deliver to your freight forwarder, and they must handle it from there. 

Please contact us if you are buying from another country.



We at 4x4 Factory really appreciate your support as a client. For any information please do not hesitate to contact us