STEDI Nissan Navara/NP300 Plug And Play Wiring Harness Kit

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The Nissan Navara NP300 community know all too well the headaches involved in trying to trigger driving lights off of the high beam of the NP300 fitted with factory LED headlights. Blown headlight modules are just some of the problems you're likely to encounter. 

So far the only tidy solution has been to spend $200 on a Genuine Nissan OE Driving Light harness, which has no switch illumination wired in, and is only capable of supporting a total of 15amp, not to mention doesn't come include with water-proof connectors. We've addressed all of these short-comings and in true STEDI style we're delivering at accessible pricing 

Key features of the STEDI Nissan Navara NP300 Wiring Kit. 

  • OEM Matching Piggy Back Adaptor specifically for the NP300. 
  • Built in electronics make our harness fully compliant with the negatively switched system
  • Featuring a total 4.8 meters of wiring (full stretched out) 
  • 2.4m of cabling from Relay to Switch 
  • 2.0m of cabling from Driving Light connector to Relay
  • Dual Deutsch DT-2 Connection | connect two lights bars or driving lights. 
  • Inline 30A Fuse with Water-Proof Fuse Holder
  • 12vDC 60A Switching Relay
  • Universal Round Dime Switch ON/OFF Switch supplied | OE Type Navara Switches Sold separately. 
  • UV Rated Insulation
  • 2 x DTP & DT-2 connector to connect two lights bars or driving lights. 


Wiring Kit Rating 12vDC 30A
Relay Rating 12vDC 60A
Supplied Fuse 30A
Connector Type Deutsch DT-2 & DTP Waterproof Connectors




  • Nissan Navara NP300 Driving Light Wiring Harness  DT-2
  • 60A Relay 
  • 30A Fuse
  • Illuminated round flush mount switch
  • NP300 LED Headlight Piggy Back Adaptor 
  • Fits Deutsch DT or DTP connectors (reducer included) 
  • Cable Ties