STEDI ST3301 Pro 41" 28 LED Light Bar

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Our ST3301 Series 41 Inch LED Light Bar is designed to offer a high volume of light in the mid-range, with excellent visibility on the road shoulders. Compared to bars like our ST4K & ST3K (which have a longer beam distance but slightly less brightness in comparison) our ST3301 forms a larger diameter spot that blends homogeneously with its wide beam. The ST3301 range is perfectly suited for the customer that is concerned about wildlife running out from the road shoulders or those who need a huge amount of brightness and coverage in the mid short and mid-range.




We thought that it would be time to take things up a notch! The STEDI ST3301 exemplifies the innovation that STEDI is known for, by making advancing strides on the popular ST3300 series. In addition to our revised reflectors, the ST3301 41  Inch showcases our improved lighting technology, all within a slick new look. The  ST3301 41 Inch houses 28 x OSRAM™ LEDs; the pinnacle of technological lighting sophistication. Oh, and did we mention colour temperature? We’ve achieved a strong yet neutral beam character, which maintains a pleasant temperature of 5600K. If you are hoping to dramatically lift your lighting game, then look no further. beam. 




Our ST3301 builds from the character of the ST3K and ST4K, by offering a higher Lumen output with an excellent mid-range volume. The ST3301 packs a greater punch than its predecessor when it comes to light penetration, offering a light reach of up to 784m at the 1 Lux mark. With this increase of light, we also managed to maintain a streamlined design, keeping the weight of the 41" Bar at 4.9kg. 



We’ve achieved a strong yet neutral beam character, which maintains a pleasant temperature of 5600K. If you are hoping to dramatically lift your lighting game, then look no further.




Unmistakable performance. Unmistakably STEDI.

For almost a decade, the name STEDI has stood for cutting-edge design and market-leading performance. STEDI has continued to keep at the forefront of LED lighting, making STEDI the leading brand born right here in Australia. Unquestionably, ST3301 PRO sits at the pinnacle of the STEDI offering. A pure expression of capability and design that converges with brutal performance, making the all-new ST3301 PRO a quintessential component for any LED aficionado. 


  • Ingress Protection IP68 (Backed by a certificate of conformity),
  • Coordinated Colour Temperature 5600K - Excellent colour contrast. 
  • Flood/spot/flood combination with 18 x LEDs
  • 4 Flood + 18 Spot + 4 Flood Reflector Distribution 
  • Tough GE Lexan primary lens which 250 times the impact-resistant strength of glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic Poly-carbonate. 
  • Waterproof Deutsch DT-P Connector
  • Adjustable Slide mounts and stainless steel side brackets included. 
  • Guaranteed against electromagnetic (EMC) and radio frequency (RFI) interference

We are so confident you will love this product, price, quality, and performance, we are offering a FULL 5 YEAR WARRANTY!




Lumen 23,800Lm (RAW) 11,850Lm (Effective)
Peak Intensity (Candela) 614,656cd
Operating Voltage 10-45V DC
Waterproof Rate IP 68
Colour Temperature 5600K
Material Die-Cast Aluminium
Lens GE Lexan
Mounting Bracket Aluminium
Bolts and Fittings 3 Series Stainless Steel
Flood Beam Angle 45°C Degrees
Spot Beam Angle  11°C Degrees
Lumen Maintenance 50,000 LM-80
Weight 4.9kg
Current Draw 12.3A @ 13.6v


  • ST3301 Pro 41 INCH 28 LED LIGHT BAR
  • Stainless Bolt and Nut Set
  • Sliding Lower Mounting Brackets + Stainless Steel Side Brackets
  • Quick-Fit High Beam Wiring Harness 12v Relay, Wiring Kit and On/Off Switch
  • 2 x Orange Side Caps
  • 2 x Grey Side Caps
  • HB3 and H4 Piggy Back Adaptors