STEDI T1500 LED Task & Camp Light

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With a brilliant illumination, multi-purpose usage and strong longevity, the T1500 showcase a beautifully-balanced white light with minimal glare, along with a mellow amber/orange lighting mode.




Fed up with short battery life? Yep, we hear you. With just a 4 hour charge time, you will be able to achieve a maximum illumination of up to 5 hours! If longevity is your preference, then you can achieve 139 hours on low mode. The battery can also simultaneously act as a power bank, allowing you to charge any smart devices via the USB output. 




The T1500 is designed to be a portable super light. The mount design features the integration of powerful magnets, allowing the light to attach to any metallic surface. The mount also features an integrated hook design, allowing the light to hang from almost any structure. The T1500 can also be directed as needed by rotating the 190° swivel that is integrated into the mount. Whether you require a portable lighting solution for your shed, backyard or campsite, the T1500 is designed to brighten these areas without compromising space. 



Innovative and powerful, the new T1500 LED Task & Camp Light is the latest offering from STEDI. Combining a robust design with a highly portable and high-performing light, the T1500 is made to be a seamless addition to a range of structures, not to mention the ability to light up any environment as needed. 


  • The Perfect Colour Temperature: 4500K - No blue light emitted, beautifully white with a hint of warmth. 
  • Amber / Orange Colour Mode: Switch from 4500K to 1700K (reduces insect)
  • Magnetic Mount: Powerful magnets embedded magnets in base mount 
  • Versatile Swivel Mount: 190° adjustment 
  • Hook Mount: Integrated Hook Mount
  • Variable Light Intensity: 4 Stage Adjustable Brightness
  • Powerbank Functionality: Fast charge your smart devices via the USB output 
  • Digital Battery Indicator: Mounted onboard LED battery level indicator
  • Excellent Run-time: 5 Hours Run-Time on max mode and 139 Hours run-time on low. 


  • 10400mAh 3.7v Li-Ion battery 
  • 5v 2A USB Output 
  • DC Input: 5v 3A  / 9v 2A
  • IPX5 Water and Dust resistance 
  • Charge Time: 4 Hours  


Power Source  3.7V 10400mAh / 38.5Watt
Flood Light Lumens (Extreme) 1,500Lm | 5 H run-time
Flood Light Lumens  (High) 660Lm | 9 H run-time
Flood Light Lumens  (Medium) 320Lm | 22 H run-time
Flood Light Lumens  (Low) 45Lm | 139 H run-time
Orange Light Lumens 50Lm | 26 H run-time
USB Input 5v 2A  
IP Rating IP65
Main Colour Temperature (CCT) 4500K
Orange Colour Temperature (CCT)  1700K 
Charging Time 4.5 Hours
Operating Temperature  - 20c° to 60c°
Weight 0.600kg


  • 1 x T1500 LED Dual Mode LED Camp Light 
  • USB-C Connector